Run Ethereum in a docker container on your Raspberry Pi

Posted at May 01, 2017

For a project I need to run geth 1.6 in a docker container on my Raspberry Pi that has raspbian jessie installed. I was looking online for such a docker image, but after some searching I gave up and just created my own docker image.

I am using this image as a basis for other docker images that set a geth node up for a private ethereum blockchain. There are a dozen of Ethereum docker images already, but none (that I could find) played nice with the ARM architecture of the rpi.

You can find the prebuild image on dockerhub/askmike/ethereum-raspbian.

Running ethereum in docker on your rpi is as easy as:

docker pull askmike/ethereum-raspbian:latest
docker run -t askmike/ethereum-raspbian:latest

Note that if you are going to use this for anything serious (or if money is involved) always compile from source! The Dockerfile can be found on github/askmike/ethereum-raspbian-docker. It builds on top of an image that installs golang (so geth can be compiled), you can get that from dockerhub/askmike/golang-raspbian (dockerfile on github/askmike/golang-raspbian).

If the images don’t work for you, please post an issue on github :)