Programmeren in ActionScript 3: deeltoets 1

Posted at December 01, 2010

You’ve found a dinosaur, this post is only here for archiving purposes. The content is outdated and is not applicable anymore.

I started programming in ActionScript 3 weeks ago for school and we need to hand in our first program. Here is mine, I called it Snow.

It works really simple:

  • you can add wind by dragging with your mouse or using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • Press P to spawn a person, note that the person is having trouble with the wind.
  • If you can let the wind go hard enough the person will fly away!
  • How much wind you need depends on the weight of the person (how big he looks) which is generated randomly.

[dutchmode] Weten hoe ik dit gemaakt heb? Stap 1: snap de basis Stap 2: kan de basis [/dutchmode] Step 3: use my code and explanation for the snow + wind animation

Posted at December 01, 2010, under AS3.