Optimizing askmike.org

Posted at November 04, 2010

You’ve found a dinosaur, this post is only here for archiving purposes. The content is outdated and is not applicable anymore.

Last week I’ve been busy on how to optimize askmike.org. I think it’s better to start with an optimized website instead of optimizing it later on. Before I dive into the optimizing it is important to look at the word optimizing. When I’m talking about optimizing a website for the web (or in other words website optimizing). I’m talking about a few things at the same time:

  • Semantic Markup
  • Off page SEO (mostly backlinking)
  • On page SEO
    • Adding Meta keywords
    • Adding Meta description
    • Trying to add more internal links by a WordPress plugin (related posts maybe?)
    • Adding a sitemap and submitting it to Google
  • Making a user friendly sitemap.
  • Thinking about what keywords I should aim on, what content will be posted here?
  • Making it possible to share content on this site to Facebook and Twitter
  • Doing some specific tweaks to the WordPress theme
  • Changing the permalinks style of WordPress (more search engine and user friendly)

I’m going to document a lot of these things when I’m a little further on my research. Because right now a lot of things on the list is not finished.

Posted at November 04, 2010, under website.