Designing the logo for

Posted at November 26, 2010

You’ve found a dinosaur, this post is only here for archiving purposes. The content is outdated and is not applicable anymore.

As you might have noticed I have a new logo on the right of the website. (Here ->)

I designed this logo myself, not from scratch though. This was my first encounter with Adobe Illustrator. Because of photography I can use Adobe Photoshop quite well but Illustrator is something different. I’d expected it to be very similar because they are both from Adobe and both for graphic creation / manipulation.

Because of my inexperience with the software it took me a couple of hours to create this, were most of the logo came from a vector pack. I’m glad with the results but the best part is just copied from someone else.

In the following weeks I’m getting Illustrator covered on school. When I have some basic skills I’ll redo the logo on my own.

PS. I don’t really have an afro in real life!

Posted at November 26, 2010, under design.